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Diners Casinos Payment Option

Currently the most popular credit cards in the world are Visa and MasterCard with American Express following at a close third. What many people do not know is that there is another payment option available that is actually partnered with and accepted anywhere MasterCard is. Diners Club cards are available:

Diners Club's History

Diners Club cards actually predate other credit card companies by a number of years. Developed in 1949 as an alternative payment method to cash and check, Diners Club cards operate as charge cards for individuals who neglected to carry enough cash to their favorite restaurants. Users were required to pay off the full balance on their card monthly, making it more of a charge card than a credit card. This distinction is what makes Diners cards an acceptable payment for US players who gamble online.

Accepted in the United States

Because of recent legislation, most credit cards are not an acceptable payment method for online gamblers. Diners casinos get around the law by processing Diners Club cards as charge cards, instead. This makes Diners casinos one of the only options for American players. Players don't have to sign up for any third party services and are still able to use their Diners card at other merchants or shops on and offline.

Diners Club International extends the convenience of Diners casinos to players around the world. Available in literally dozens of languages and currencies, Diners Club cards are the optimal choice for an alternative payment option at online casinos.